Sunday, 30 May 2010

Dorothea Jordan the actress, the courtesan, and the mistress of the future William IV

Dorothea Jordan was born into a family that were involved in theatre with her mother being an actress and her father working in the theatre, she did not have it easy from the early on as her father abandoned the little Dorothea and her mother to run off and marry another actress causing the family to live in poverty. However  Dorothea was quite the charmer, very pretty, and had a talent for acting which is something her mother took note off. Soon she joined the theatre and proved to be a success especially when she wore male clothing that allowed to show off her perfect legs.
She had numerous affairs including her first boss, an army Letunant Charles Doyle whose marriage proposal she dismissed, then an actor George Inchbold with whom she was madly in love but he did not seem to feel the same for her and had no plans for marrying her. She soon moved on to become a  mistress of the upper class personages which lead her to become the mistress of William IV with whom she had ten children. After their separation he was rather a crude in the way he gave her the custody the girls while the boys remained with the Duke  and even the girls were later taken away from her once she returned to stage. Which was something she promised she would not do but the crashing debt lead her to seek any way to pay the bills. When the Duke heard of her comeback to the theatre her children were taken away and she escaped to France so no to be bothered by her creditors she died not long after once again in great poverty.

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